1. First of all you must own a domain.
  2. Your domain must be a TLD of the .org family.
  3. Your .org domain's contents should be of a 'personal' nature.
  4. Subdomains will not be accepted.
  5. Code must be easy to find: if it isn't on the index page, 'joined', 'rings', 'links', or pages of that type will do.
  6. Your domain's contents have to be in English; Sorry, but I'm not multilingual.
  7. I reserve the right to deny acceptance to any domain I feel doesn't belong in the ring.
  8. Also, I can boot you out at any time. Of course, I can also take you back. ;)

Do you own a .org domain? If you would like to join the dot org webring fill out the form.

Be sure that you have read through the requirements above! Don't let them scare you off, either. Remember, this webring is for personal .org domains. If you do not receive a notice containing your Site ID, it means you haven't been taken out of the queue yet. If your site has been rejected, you can always apply again.